Junior Achievement is the only non-for-profit organization committed to bridging the talent gap and advocating for business education in the classroom. By partnering with local business JA is helping to create a skilled and talented work force.

80% of high school students surveyed felt better prepared to enter the world of work after taking a JA program.

Now is the time to give a new generation of Canadians the skills and tools they need to succeed. With your help, JA is creating a skilled and talented workforce that will one day succeed us all and become the new generation of business leaders.

JA is critically needed in our schools: NOW MORE THAN EVER.

There is no better time than now and no better day than today to provide Junior Achievement programs to young people. You can be a part of the fight for a better tomorrow; a tomorrow that will not be full of foreclosure and economic crises, but will be filled with promising prospects and strong economic markets because our students will make better decisions as consumers and business leaders.

Today's students are in need of applicable knowledge that will prepare them for the real-world. Knowledge of business, entrepreneurship, responsibility, and personal finance that will enable them to be ready for the competition they will face in the workforce.

Junior Achievement instills the basic skills that students need to be productive, prosperous citizens.